The average Millennial in Lagos is a hustler! No time to even check time. LOL. From Sun up to Sun down, the  typical Lagos  Millennial is up and about. From the 9 to 5er , to the Entrepreneur. The Entrepreneur somewhat can have less of a crazy life/schedule from time to time because they have a bit of control over the use of their time and so when it comes to eating habits and its health implications ,they can hold themselves more accountable.

The typical Millennial 9 to 5er (in a manner of speaking) because we all know it can NEVER be 9 to 5 in this Lagos…LOL! , wakes up 4a.m and he/she is out of the house by 4:30-5 am to join the unforgiving Lagos traffic to get to work for 7am. So,he/she has no time for breakfast  and as soon as the office door opens, he’s immersed in Work throughout the day till probably 6pm.Then joins another traffic to get home for 10-11pm (on a good day)

So,the question is ; How does he/she get to eat “Proper” and healthy food? On a typical working day, you probably get to the office and start running around for Tea or Coffee before work starts or send your office assistant to get you rice and dodo with meat across the road. Lunchtime,you probably send the office assistant again to go buy you amala and goat meat.

This is typically our eating cycle Monday to Friday. There are several issues with this cycle as we cannot vouch for the safety and hygiene of these meals.Then there’s the need for a balanced diet.

The average Lagos Entrepreneur,though has control over his/her time, doesn’t consider making out time to make breakfast or lunch as his/her priority as there’s serious hustling to be done. So,he grabs and eat anything along the way as he runs from place to place chasing business.Gala and Lacasera; chips and coke; quick popUp in mama Put joint…etc


All these junk food and food from joints and mama Put that we have no idea how hygienic they are , coupled with lack of exercise (no time) has its health implications which we now see among our Millennials in Lagos.

Wieghtloss programs and meal plans have become big business on Instagram in Naija as this is a major challenge for many young ,hardworking Millennials in Lagos.

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