If you work in a 9 to 5 job and you have been sold the glamorous dream of an Entrepreneurial life, the money you will make, the pleasure of choosing how you spend your time without any controlling boss breathing down your neck and all that….Sorry,you’ve been lied to.

For most, an Entrepreneurial journey is a lonely path.Very lonely path most times. A lot of successful Entrepreneurs today started working from home. They had no luxury of renting an office space talk less of hiring a staff. So, working for yourself and by yourself can be very boring sometimes. You are for most times on your own in isolation ,thinking, strategizing ,developing content and ideas ,making class  ,marketing etc.

Being alone or rather working alone for months on end can be  tiring sometimes. It can even make you go crazy sometimes. We have had people brandish quotes like .. “IF YOU LOVE WHAT YOU DO,YOU WILL NEVER GET BORED”. Please, don’t believe all the hype ! No matter how much you love what you do, there will be days you wish you had a co-worker,a friend or a spouse around. Somebody to chat with.Someone to bounce your ideas off of. 

Working from home has its several advantages but there is the other side you should be aware of if you are to embark on this Entrepreneurial journey. There will be days when you clearly have jobs to do on your table but you are just not in the mood! You just feel down for no reason. You are just pacing the whole floor, going from room to toilet, toilet to sitting room, sitting room to balcony. What are you looking for?You have no idea. May be some inspiration from somewhere or someone. In an office setting, you’ll probably walk up to a colleague’s table and a few minutes chat about anything or something.By the time you get back on your table you are refreshed and re-energized and good-to-go.


Take a walk. Go to an eatery. Get on social media and engage in mind stimulating conversation with someone. These days, you will always find someone on social media to engage. Get on twitter or instagram and join the trending conversation or better still start one.

If the boredom or craziness is caused by heat due to no NEPA ,put on the generator for a few hours. Grab a book and read a chapter or two.Watch youtube videos. There are some many resources online. Even folks who work in an office get bored too and they get on Facebook (at their own risk) for sometime to relief the stress.

If the craziness seemed prolonged , go to a business Hub and hire a desk for a week and your work from there. It should not be more than 5k to hire a desk for a week. There are so many of them around right now.

If you don’t want to spend the money, you go to a mall with your laptop and wifi and work from there. Look for a comfortable place around the mall and work from there. Or go into one of the the restaurants, buy a drink and snack, setup and do your work.

Another idea is ,you could call a fellow Entrepreneur to come hang with you at home and both of you work from your house.Cool.

The main purpose of this article is to let you realize that working from home is not all plus without minus.You will get bored sometimes! You will feel suffocated sometimes! But knowing what to do at such times is the key. Be wise and think through before making that jump. 

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