There is one major fact that can’t be denied world over : Lagos babes fine die!!! Whaaaat!!!

Lagos babes are one of the sexiest; beautiful and most intelligent female species you will find anywhere in the world!

But Errr… A lot of them have got pot bellies. *rolls eye*…LOL

So, why the pot belly? Although this is not peculiar to our babes, a lot of Doctors and Nutritionists in Nigeria have narrowed this down to some eating habits and food choices….

  1. Eating too much Carbohydrate. Rice; Bread; Yam; Pounded yam… the list is endless.
  2. Lack of Exercise. Lagos people rarely have time for any exercise. The little time we could have used in training the body is spent in traffic. Aaaannnd Weekends are for Owambe…LOL.
  3. Too much consumption of Alcohol and/or soda. The whole of Lagos is littered with plastic bottles of soda drinks.Drink at work, drink in traffic, drink at home, drink before bed….sigh.
  4. Eating late. Nutritionists always say any food eaten after 7pm rarely digests because we are less active.
  5. Too much Sugar! 
  6. Not been active enough. Sometimes we sit at a spot for a long time without any much movement  either because of work or watching TV etc. We need a more active lifestyle
  7. Size and Quantity of food per meal time. Sometimes we over eat. You know you are filled but still continue to stuff your stomach.Even if it’s a healthy meal, you have to do it moderately per time.
  8. Lack of medical check ups. We have a bad habit of not going to the clinic to check the state of our health unless when we fall sick.

As Millennnials, let’s endeavour to lead a healthy lifestyle so we can all enjoy the future we all dream of. Eat healthy so we can match that beautiful face of your with a beautiful and flat tummy!

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