The Nigerian Sports betting industry which was pioneered by BET9JA; NAIRABET and a few other bookies is now worth over $2 Billion !!!

Punters use to be seen as “Never-Do-Wells” and Greedy folks but that narrative is changing fast as more and more Millennials are turning punters and cashing out big time!

Registered punters on different bookie platforms are now in millions! Employed; Unemployed; Entrepreneurs; Housewives; even secondary school kids are now major punters and cashing out daily…we mean Daily!

Some are doing what they call ROLLOVER (That is, compounding your bets daily with small odds) or just trying out their luck with big odds sometimes called LEKKI ODDS…LOL!

Check out some of this tickets :

Some of these are audacious bets! Betting against the norm. We must however note that Sports betting is very risky. A lot of punters have lost a lot of money to Sports betting. Some have ended in serious debts, constantly borrowing money to punt. But inspire of this, a lot of punters are actually living on their income from Sports betting. 

Most of the big punters online always say, if you’re not greedy, if you stay with the small odds, you will always cash out.

If you are thinking of venturing into Sports betting as a Millennial, it’s better you learn the ropes and secrets first. Some of the online punters you can follow are :

Banks –

Dunni –

London_Used –

Bet2Win –

Bookies like Nairabet are also revolutionising the industry by constantly coming up with special markets and special cash out options like “Cut-1” tickets etc.

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