The mistake a lot of people make when deciding to change their wardrobe is trying to do it in one fell swoop..except you have a never ending budget, you can go ahead (but if you don’t, like a lot of people)..here a few steps to going at it..

1. Identify why you want to change your wardrobe..New Job?..weight loss?..your old clothes making you look poor?..or you just ran into some money(that’s the prayer)..whatever the case maybe, you always need to identify a reason as this will guide you appropriately.

2. Always go for the basics..for shirts, you will need to get white, sky blue and simple stripes. For suits, black, navy and grey suits will suffice. Changing your wardrobe is like having to eat after a fast, keep it simple for starters.

3. Give yourself a timeline to effect the change.This is your image we are talking about here, its almost as important as planning a war..lol..okay ,maybe not as important but always remember that peoples perception of you is key and your dressing is the gateway. A period of 3 months is ideal to do a total overhaul.

4.Seek help from those in the know..You don’t want to be stuck with clothes you don’t need or ending up with a serious mismatch with a bunch of clothes after spending so much.

5. Give the old clothes out!..I know you are emotionally attached to your clothes but the key to getting more is to give..you might think those clothes are old but there are some out there who think they are awesome. It wont kill you..we guarantee!

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