Buying stuff online in a city like Lagos seem to be a wise decision most times. Apart from the convenience and joy of receiving what you paid for without lifting a finger (figuratively), it saves you a whole lot of headache and time wasted in Lagos traffic! Right now, you can order practically anything online in the city of Lagos or even outside Lagos and have it delivered in a day or 2. From clothes to food to fashion accessories to electronic gadgets etc.

However, there are stuff I can never order online! You say like what?

  1. UNDERWEARS : Errrr… its impossible! I have to go buy it at a shop or market myself! LOL.
  2. CLOTHES : Some people prefer to go buy their clothes by themselves in the market so as to physically feel the texture, see the colour and see how it sits on their body. Online pictures can be deceiving sometimes you know? And also an opportunity to bargain….LOL.
  3. FOOD : I have seen Instagram food vendors selling Indomie!
    Indomiiieeee?!! How does that even work? Do people order indomie? “rolls eye”. There are certain food that I can’t order online! It won’t feel the same like going to buy it or make it yourself. Like spaghetti. Like Amala with ewedu and gbegiri!!! Sorry, I can’t order those.
  4. SHOES : Well…this depends sha. Some shoes are best seen and tried physically just like clothes. Let me not argue though. A lot of online shoe vendors do a good job with the pictures of shoes they post. I will like to physically see and feel a sneaker before I buy it. I don’t know about you. What do you think?
  5. HUMAN HAIR : Now this one has caused MAJOR fight and dragging online!!!
    You know how expensive this stuff is right? Don’t even try it! Nigerian hair vendors can frustrate your life! Don’t part with almost 500k and sit in your house expecting a double drawn, bone straight hair ! E go shock you!!! Go to the stores where they are selling it and check out what you want to buy and pay for it there! Wahala be like bicycle o!
    No I’m not trying to discredit the good stores but its too much of a risk to take for that kind of money!