Sometime in 2013, I walked into a boutique close to a store where I went to see someone in Marina, Lagos and while just looking through the wears they have on display, a middle-aged guy walked in and wanted to buy a pair of jeans. The shop owner brought out different types and designs with different labels, the guy picked the one he liked and asked “how much?”. The shop owner answered “12k sir”. Ol’boy! The tin shock me! 12 wetin?!
Anyways, the guy asked for the last price and ended up paying 9k- for a pair of jeans o!

After he left, I said to the shop owner (ibo guy around 24/25 years), “you can’t tell me that jeans cost that much!”. My guy said “na business na oga”.
What shocks me is that, just across the other side of Marina (Mandilas area), you will find exact same jeans (even better designer wears) for as low as 1k!!. In fact, majority of the boutiques both on the island and mainland source their wears at very low prices at lagos island and those markets around Marina. You can find practically anything designer you want there. From wears to stock perfumes/cologne to shirts…etc.
True true…Na mumu dey go boutique! Even if you have more than enough money to throw around, you will be angry to hear that what you just paid 15k for is sold for 5k somewhere around. You will feel cheated.
So, now that Christmas is around the corner, a lot of boutiques are stocked to the teeth. If you don’t mind paying their exorbitant prices, well goodluck but if you want a bargain, especially if you are buying in large quantity, I will suggest you take a BRT to Lagos.