Golden Nuggets from “Beer Parlour” Convos – Cross Benedict

Cross Benedict( Elkrosmediahub ) is an Entrepreneur; a Content Creator; a Digital Marketer and Founder Elkrosmedia

“Few advices I picked up from ‘beer parlor’ convos, and tbh, really helped me grow financially.

-• Move to the island, but stay in a small estate.

-• When you are in a gathering of ‘big men’ pick up (affordable) bills. Unless they are hustlers like you, they’ll respect you.

-• Don’t go to these rich people instantly proposing business in the most humble way. You will seem desperate, and they will think you struggling to build castles in the air, and ignore. Bring out subtle arrogance. Curiosity will push many to pick interest.

-• Don’t dress vividly to ‘impress’ when meeting. Lmao! They see through your rented/borrowed attires. You can always afford a white long sleeve shirt. They work EVERY TIME.

-• Speak Queens English, infuse humour. Don’t push the native language agenda. You come off desperate.

And to my personal favorite: -• You don’t fucking need to laugh to their unfunny jokes. Brews the “who the hell is that guy/girl that thinks I’m not funny” agenda

Stay Unforgettable.”

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