Approximately over 2000 people request for mentorship from every successful person in the public eye. Mentors are difficult to find for several reasons. One been that Mentorship doesn’t scale. How many people can a mentor handle at a time? Mentorship requires quality time with the mentee and because the mentor’s time is very valuable, it’s mostly difficult creating that quality time with a mentee not to talk of multiple mentees.

What are the alternatives? Every young person seeking to do well in business or in their chosen career most often need some form of guidance. Someone who has probably travelled the roads they are starting their journey from.

Well, another alternative is to find HEROES. They are like your distant mentors. They have travelled the roads you are on and have somehow documented their experiences and lessons they have learned along the way in Books; Videos; Podcasts; Biographies or consistently doing same through Seminars and Webinars etc.

Heroes are like mentors that may not even know you exist. They have never met you and you have probably never met them but you keep referring to their Career or Business “manuals” as you go on your own journey to help you make critical decisions along the way.

One common fact is Success leaves clues. So, reading through biographies or business books or Heroes, watching or listening to their Videos; podcasts; Seminars, leaves you with gems and ideas on what to do per time just as if you are putting a call through to your mentor.

So, technically why run around looking for a mentor when you can have multiple heroes who will give you different perspective to an issue. A mentor will only advice you based on their own experience and reality in contrast to getting different perspective or views from several heroes after going through their materials.

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