You are single and ready to mingle in this Lasgidi but all the babes and guys you’re meeting are broke ass or oloshos…hmmm.

Omo…as Lagos full reach, if you don’t know where and how to look for a partner, wahaleaux go be like bicycleaux o! Don’t get it twisted, beta babes and guys full dis Lagos…no cap!! You just have to look in the right places and mix with the right crowd.

So, you ask – Where do you suggest i start my search? Online or Offline? Island or Mainland? Mall or Club?


I will suggest you start your journey online. I will recommend just 2 social media platforms – Twitter and Instagram. Forget Facebook. When you’re searching for a partner, facebook should be your last online option. The place is full of scammers, Folks above your age bracket and yahoo+ boys. Just focus on twitter and IG.

The recent twitter ban by the FG is a blessing in-disguise as there are more serious and business minded singles active right now. VPN is not cheap.

For twitter, there are a few things to note :

  • Most cool babes/guys don’t have plenty followers. Probably 1500 followers and below.
  • They’re most active from Friday to Sunday. They mostly Retweet and Like weekdays.
  • You’ll rarely catch them joining the crowd to drag anyone.
  • They mostly quote and comment on articles(links); government handles; threads discussing basic issues…etc.
  • Their pictures are always on their profile (not memes or cartoons) and a brief line of what they do.
  • They won’t post Thirst traps!

They sometimes post selfies taken in the car, a restaurant, in meetings or somewhere in the abroad. These are just a few pointers on HOW to find the right partners on twitter. The rest is left to you on how to get their attention. What to say when you gather enough courage to slide into their DM or how to get their attention on the TL in case their DM is locked is left to you. You no be small pikin.

For instagram, finding partners here can be a bit tricky. You have to play smart. First of, your IG page must not and cannot be in private! That will be foolish. Unlike twitter, cool guys/babes generally have a lot of followers on Instagram. There’s a lot of vanity on IG. Beauty, wealth, pictures taken abroad or in a nice restaurant etc attracts a lot of likes and followers. So, it’s easy to find the kind of babe or guy you’re looking for. Wealth speaks! You can fake it on Instagram no doubt but that’s the point of dating. You’ll eventually find out.

Okay, so let’s assume you’ve seen a guy or babe you like, what’s the next step?

Go like a “few” of their pictures. Don’t be wierdo going to like all their 97 pictures on IG!! You’ll look too desperate and they may block you! check out a few business/Govt/Celeb/Academic/Leaders etc accounts that fellow. Look out for their comments on those pages and go offer a “supporting” comment. Watch it though, the word here is tact. Be tactful. Don’t push it too much.

After a while, they’ll start noticing your handle and probably check out your handle a few times. By now, you should be following that handle and waiting for the right time to slide in the DM.

Well, what you say when you attack their DM is left to you. You no be small pikin.


Well, it’s obvious you’ve tried severall methods in finding a partner offline and it hasn’t worked or you’ve met the wrong set. It’s time to switch up your game!

Change “Where” you’re looking. Change or add to your circle of friends.

There’s a notion that there are just 4 people between you and ANYBODY on this Earth. Which means, there’s someone you know or you’ll meet that knows somebody, that knows another person who knows the person you’re trying to meet…you get?

So, be intentional about meeting new people who may probably be the ones to introduce you to that babe or guy of your dreams.

How do i meet new people you say?

Visit new Restaurants (Check here for list of top restaurants in>>> Lagos ), Malls and clubs. Dem plenty die for Island!!! Don’t be shy to approach and introduce yourself to people you fancy.

Tell friends and colleagues to invite you to owambes (singles dey plenty die for weddings in Lasgidi) on weekends. You don’t have to know the couple. Na you no wetin carry you come…LOL.

Alright…i wish you luck in your search. Don’t forget to tag our social media handles when you guys start posting “We met on twitter” pictures o!