┬áThe rainy season is here in full swing and if you live and work in the city of Lagos, well you have no other choice than to take some Fashion precautions. Lagos and flood belong to the same Whatsapp group and if you don’t want to be caught wading through water in your nice Italian shoes, better be prepared!

Even if you drive in this city, rainy season demands you make some fashion adjustments…and while i would love to be holed up at home and live the hermit life, life and business must go on. So here are few tips to consider when dressing up and staying fashionable during the rainy season:

1. Wear bright colours..the rainy season is already synonymous with gloom and dark skies so instead of being ‘weather compliant’..brighten up your look..for men, wear colorful Paisley ties, bright socks and pocket squares, for the women, get some really bright coloured scarves and tops to liven up your look. You are sure to cheer somebody up, that’s for sure.

2.Stay away from wearing anything made of suede this season especially shoes and  jackets. Once you have water on them, it ruins the fabric and remember we are saving costs.

3.Get an umbrella and not just the regular black ones or the one they gave you as a souvenir at your office retreat with your company’s logo all over, I am talking about the really cool and flashy ones. Yes, those. That way, you are not just protecting yourself from the rain, you are also switching your style up another notch. Please buy the cheap ones that cost less than 1000Naira because if you are like me and you lose umbrellas every other day, spending so much on a brolly will not make economic sense.

4. This is the right time to incorporate sweaters and cardigans (with or without sleeves) into your everyday style. Look out for the really stylish ones not the garish types like Dr Huxtable used to wear on the Cosby Show back in the day. Colours that will complement your everyday dressing. Apart from making a fashion statement, you are also keeping warm!

5. Invest in pleather (also called faux leather )shoes. They look like leather but are more water friendly and are less expensive.  Also I wanted to add, a pair of rain boots/galoshes will be a good addition to your rainy season purchase.

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