Nigeria is going through one of it’s worst economic downturn in recent years and if those in business or paid employment are finding it difficult living a decent life with respect to their income, imagine what the unemployed are going through?.

“What to wear” is a basic human necessity and if you are in paid employment or an Entrepreneur, what you wear is also a “Business Strategy”. You must learn how to still manage your sense of style even in this recession.

An average worker or Entrepreneur needs to change their wardrobe at least once in a year or buy few new clothes to augment the ones in the wardrobe. We need to keep our heads up and still look the part.

Here are a few tips to looking good during the recession:
1. Less is more:  Stick to the basics..A black or navy suit, white shirt and a cool coloured tie for a dinner date is fine, nobody send you anymore

2. Buy only that which you can wear multiple times..So you want to buy a leaf green suit for that special event (like seriously?)..I’ll just ask, can you wear it after that event, if the answer is no, please ditch that idea. It makes no economic sense and this applies to those aso ebi fabric that defies logic. I hear people say “let me just wear it for today and i’ll not wear it after”..why do you want to do that?..Na so the money plenty ni?lol..Be wise.

3. If you are a groom planning on getting married, please use colours such as blue, black or grey..if need be cream or off white..why? can always use these suits multiple times after the wedding. If you are hell bent on wearing a tuxedo, you can rent one, It doesn’t make you a pauper, it just means you and King Solomon were like

4. Look for the cheaper option..Prices of Foreign brands have gone over the roof with this new exchange rates..There are very good tailors like yours truly who can get you quality suits, shirts and pants at very affordable prices that will not hurt your budget. I know you are very skeptical about local brands but you can see it as helping the economy to get better by buying the Naira.

5. Some items of clothing do not have to be drycleaned after every suits, trousers and natives..Shirts worn for a few hours can still be re-worn..Your clothes need to last longer and of course,your dry cleaning bill must feel the

6. Invest more in accessories like ties, cufflinks, socks and Pocketsquares. Why?…They are not expensive and can spice up your look easily.Be wise.