What triggers your Creativity?

Writers often say that sometimes they experience what they term “creative block”. It’s a term used to describe a period where it’s just difficult to come up with anything to put down. It’s like a water tap whose pipe is broken somewhere along the line and water has stopped flowing.

Other professions experience this kind of thing too. As a writer, Digital/Business Strategist, Graphics/Fashion/UI designer, Architect, Artist/Painter,Musician,Producer,Art Director… etc, there are some days you are just not in your element! Even soccer players are sometimes said to be “off form”.

What’s that thing or element or ambience that turns back on your creative juice? We are all humans with emotions and sometimes these emotions affects our ability to think creatively or worst still be-clouds our judgement. The good news is that there are certain proven ways to turn back on our creative juice and get back to work quickly. Certain things we do or say or take in that completely reverse the situation and make the water to start flowing through the pipes again.


When you sometimes feel overwhelmed and find it difficult to come up with fresh ideas or content, taking a short walk around your vicinity or a short drive around the block can help your system reboot and renewed with fresh thoughts and ideas. The feeling of fresh air blowing on your face and through your pours can change your mood and help with fresh inspirations.


Sometimes, doing something as simple and as insignificant as spraying the room or office with a specific perfume; deodorant or freshener can bring about a sudden change in mood and an unexplainable inspiration for fresh ideas. Like i said earlier, we are humans with emotions and our sense of smell is part of what makes us human. So, what we smell can also have an effect positively or negatively on our emotions. So, whenever you find it difficult moving forward in your creative process, spray some perfume in the room. It may help.


Taking coffee especially in the morning to start your day is just magical for a lot of people! There is something the caffeine and the smell of the coffee does to your system and triggers your creative engine within. Some don’t like coffee. They prefer tea which also helps to improve one’s mood immensely. Take coffee or tea breaks sometimes when you feel you are hitting a wall and can’t seem to make a head-way with work. You will be surprised how helpful that can be.


It will be great to put off your Air-conditioner for few minutes sometimes. It helps a lot. Temperature change can sometimes help improve your mood. Don’t sit down all day inside a cold office. Sometimes go to an open space where it’s less cold to work. If the room where you are working is also humid and hot, it can also affect your flow. Once you detect that the environment is beginning to affect your flow, move to another space or increase or decrease the temperature of the Air-conditioner. It helps, trust me.


Some people like to have plants/nature around them or on their desk while working. For some, it’s paintings or the colour of the room. Whilst some of these aesthetics may seem insignificant to some, it has massive effect on others! When you take your eyes off your your screen, the next thing you want to see is a lovely painting or a fresh colourful plant or staring at a creatively painted wall. Some of the new StartUps in Nigeria are beginning to take this little things seriously and spending good money to make their work environment look pleasing. They are beginning to realise that these things can inspire workers and trigger their creative juice.

On a final note, i know some of our Millennials depend on certain stuff like drugs and weed to trigger their creative juice. Now apart from the damage these substances can do to your health, these method is unsustainable. It can lead to total emotional and health collapse and affect you mentally. Let’s stay away from drugs or any similar substances.

Sometimes talking to friends or colleagues for a few minutes can also get you back on track. Discussing your ideas with others can help you see other perspective you have not considered before. Let’s help each other move ahead.

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