Cut – 1: Every Punter’s Nightmare.

If you are into sports betting, then the term “Cut-1” is something you are definitely familiar with. Check the bet history of any punter who has been in the game for at least a year plus and you will see red “graves” of near misses of financial fortunes…*sobs*.

I mean near misses to cash-in on millions of naira from local and foreign bookies due to Cut-1. 27th September, 2020 is one day i will never forget!

That was a day to my birthday and i had played an accumulator the day before(26th), with an 100naira stake to win me approximately a million naira. The accumulator was to end on the night of 27th which was the night before my birthday.

70% of the ticket had already “greened” (entered – if you are new to betting) and i had like 4 games left to cash in. I was already dreaming of how i will flex my family on the 28th…*sobs*.

As of 7pm on the second day, 3 of the remaining 4 games had entered!! Omo…my heart was beating so fast i could barely wait for the last game to start!

8pm came and the last game started. It was a game between 2 English EFL League2 teams. I had picked Home team (Win or Draw). Of course the game was not on DSTV (werey people) but i kept refreshing Livescore every minute!

70th minute and it was still 0-0. I was partly smiling and partly scared. If you know English teams, you will know why. 90th minute and it was still 0-0!!! Omo…my life was about to change! My first sports betting million!! I was already drafting different twitter posts – “BOOOOOM!!!” ; “1m in the bag!!”; “1m landed successfully”…etc *crying*

I went back to Livescore just to confirm the game has ended and to start posting tweets and start tagging all my favourite punters…Omo!…Na 0-1 i see o!

Apparently, the away team scored in extra time…*i can’t cry*…and that is how my million disappeared. The worst part – The Oloriburuku bookie couldn’t even compensate me with anything! Not even as little as returning my 100Naira stake!

I later realised that maybe i should have played the ticket on a bookie like BigiBet who have “Cut-1” cash-back policies amongst other juicy deals for punters registered on their platform.

At least in the midst of my crying from a lost ticket, i can also console myself with a returned stake or even certain percentage from the lost accumulator.

You may say – well, what is 100Naira stake compared to the million lost? Just imagine if the stake was higher and you lost the ticket? Now that Cut-1 cash-back begins to make more sense.

There are bookies who have this Cut-1 policy too but they have some serious Terms and Conditions attached that may be difficult to achieve while accumulating games on your ticket.

A lot of punters have painful stories to tell of near misses like mine involving huge sums and just like me, these are stories that pop-up in your head from time to time and give you hope that the next accumulator may just be your big break!

Like they say on betting twitter – “Na who give up fuck up!”

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