APPLE VS ANDROID – Why Apple Users feel superior to Android Users.

It is a known fact that Apple products are more expensive than android products.

Oh, the cost. I don’t know about you, but when I think of Apple products, I think of a hefty price tag. When you consider that an iPhone and iPad cost significantly more than their Android counterparts, it’s easy to see why consumers would be wary of buying them in favor of something cheaper.

The fact is that Android devices are often less expensive than their Apple counterparts—though they don’t have all the bells and whistles that come with an iPhone or iPad (no Touch ID fingerprint scanner or Apple Pay support). This can leave some people wondering if they’re getting what they paid for with an Android phone: How much are you sacrificing by going with an “inexpensive” device? Is it worth paying more upfront for a phone that has better features? Or should you just save yourself some money now and upgrade your hardware down the road when your current one starts slowing down too much?

When you walk into a store and buy an Android phone, you have to make so many sacrifices along the way.

When you walk into the store and buy an android phone, you have to make so many sacrifices along the way. You have to buy a phone that is a year old, which means it’s already obsolete. It doesn’t have all of the latest features and technology that Apple has already rolled out. And sometimes this makes for some awkward situations in your life when people see you with your old tech or notice how outdated it looks compared to their new iPhone 7s Plus with Siri voice recognition technology (or whatever).

But hey! At least you got your cheap Android phone!

Android has always been a brand that offers high end features at lower prices.

Android has always been a brand that has offered high end features at lower prices. This price difference is mainly due to the fact that Apple doesn’t have to pay for the Apple brand in their products.

Because Android phones don’t have to pay for the Apple brand, they are cheaper than iPhones.

Because Android phones don’t have to pay for the Apple brand or its marketing costs, even though they offer many of the same features as iPhones (sometimes more), they cost less than half what an iPhone would cost you.

Apple users feel superior to Android users because they know that they bought something better.

Apple users feel superior to Android users because they know that they bought something better.

Android users feel inferior to Apple users because they know that they bought something worse.

Apple doesn’t offer as much choice as Android when it comes to phones.

Apple doesn’t offer as much choice as Android does when it comes to phones. While you can get an iPhone in any color of the rainbow, Apple only offers a handful of devices—and they’re all very similar in terms of specs and features. Android devices, on the other hand, come in all shapes and sizes: from low-end to high-end; from big to small; with or without a stylus; running various flavors of Android such as Nougat 7 (Oreo 8 Update), Lollipop 5 (Marshmallow 6 Update) or KitKat 4 (Lollipop 5 Update).

In addition to being able to get an “iPhone” that fits your needs better than an iPhone ever could, there are advantages to owning an Android phone over an iPhone. For one thing, they’re much more customizable—you can put nearly anything on them! You can put anything on these phones – including stickers! This means you can make yourself stand out with something unique instead of having everyone around you have the same boring phone case (or no case at all).

Although Android has been known for offering budget friendly phones, it also offers high end options that can go above $1000 as well.

Android is a good choice for people with lower budgets, and those who need more functionality. It’s also a good choice for people who want a more customizable experience, and those who just want more options.

This is why Millennials love Apple products compared to Android products so much.

Apple products are more expensive than Android devices, and for good reason. Apple users do feel superior to their Android counterparts. Apple products are extremely easy to use, which can be both a blessing and a curse. The same could be said about iPhone vs Android phones in general: If you know what you want out of a phone and don’t mind paying extra money for it, go with an iPhone; if not, then maybe stick with the cheap stuff!

In addition to the above reasons why millennials love Apple products so much compared to android phones is because android devices tend to be harder-to-use than iPhones (and other brands). While there are many different types of android phones available on the market today that vary greatly in price range depending on what kind of features they offer (or lack thereof), there’s no denying that most people would rather spend less money upfront rather than spend more later on down the road when things inevitably break down after regular use starts wearing them out faster than usual…

In this day and age, iPhones are something everyone wants but not everyone can afford!

“To be honest, I actually just got my first iPhone in 2010. It was the 4s and it was the first time I had ever owned one. At the time I thought it was cool and all, but now that I look back on it, I realize how ridiculous it was for me to have an iPhone when every single person around me who didn’t have one wanted one so badly.

It wasn’t until last year when Apple released their new lineup of phones that my friends started telling me about how much they wanted an upgrade. They were constantly messaging me about which model they should get next because apparently all their friends were getting new phones without them? Seriously guys? This is why Apple is a luxury brand – because even though anyone could buy one if they really wanted to (and probably do), people don’t want ordinary things anymore – they want something special; something different from everyone else.”

Apple fan boys and girls don’t want to accept the fact that their device is not better than an android device, and will often spend hours on the internet trying to convince people otherwise!

  • Apple devices are more expensive than Android devices.
  • Android devices are more affordable than Apple devices.
  • Apple users feel more superior to Android users (and vice versa).
  • Apple users are more loyal than Android users (and vice versa).

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